No, You.



      “No, you.” is a series of photographs that explores navigation of the unknown and uncertainties of life through a comedic and absurdist lens. I aimed to display this through following a narrative of a character through a singular day: “day” being more metaphorical than literal and “character” being a conduit for the expression of human curiosity.

    The character of O and Q represents two sides of the same coin, or essentially the duality of humanity and how we approach existence with a push and pull of chaos and balance. The text does not always work in congruence with the images to offer potential intrigue; it leaves the narrative more open ended for each viewer to interpret differently from their own perspectives.

    The images and book format draw inspiration from performance art as well as films, with discovery at the heart of them. I like to explore themes of the uncanny—I find that the discomfort evokes deeper thought and questions, allowing viewers to project personal experiences upon a narrative meant to depict the human experience as a whole.

*recipient of the First Edition Photobook purchasing award 2021